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This book can bring you one step closer to rapidly learning the worlds most popular programming language. This book quickly builds from beginner to interm ediate, and introduce a few advanced topics.

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Rapid Python Programming

Errata & Code

All code cat be found at github.com/thecount12

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Part 1 - Free online below

Chapter: Preface

Chapter: Acknowledgments

Chapter: About the Author

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Strings - Operators - Conditions

Chapter 3: Input - Data structures, Modules

Chapter 4: Files

Chapter 5: Exceptions

Chapter 6: OOP

Part 2 - Can be purchased here

Chapter 7: Cool Features of Python

Chapter 8: EasyGUI

Chapter 9: Tkinter

Chapter 10: WxWidgets

Chapter 11: Sockets and Databases

Chapter 12: CGI, W SGI Framework Development

Chapter 13: Django

Chapter 14: Apache, Heroku, AWS and Cloud

Chapter 15: UML

Chapter 16: Game Programming

Chapter 17: Stock Market

Chapter 18: Closing Thoughts

Chapter: Appendix A

Chapter: Appendix B

Chapter: Appendix C

Chapter: Index