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Django up and Running in 5 minutes

You want your website up and running quickly. But you are tired of the following:

Download and run my script. Rapid Django

Rapid Django Web Services

Rapid Django Web Services is a custom script that you can run on Windows Linux or Mac OSX. The script creates a fully functional website complete with a graphical Front-end, and graphical Back-end. Contained within the script are as follows:

Why Did I Create this

Django is relatively easy to setup and configure, but I got tired of creating the same features for every new website I create. Nearly everyone needs the six items I listed above. This script saves several hours of work and gives you the opportunity to create a new model specific for the customer and allows you to begin working on a flexible front end that can be changed easily.


The following needs to be installed:

  1. Python2 or Python3
  2. Pip - This can be done through python easy_install.
  3. Django. After pip is installed you can run the following: pip install Django Installation
  4. Download newrapidsetup.py and mystring.py
Download the script at Rapid Django, and follow the instructions.